Treatment of Reticular Veins in Legs

Reticular veins are medium size (1 to 4 mm) greenish, flat veins seen mostly in the legs at the outer aspect of the thigh or behind the knee and in the calf region, they are not quite large or protruding (bulging) veins but they could be unsightly.

Some of these persons who have Reticular veins, have also an associated venous disorder that we discover during their Venous Ultrasound exam, but a significant number of them have normal venous ultrasound and purely hereditary ”see through veins” that they would like them to go away.

When there is an associated venous pathology, we need to address it in addition to treating the Reticular veins, we will implement the best treatment possible for the condition at hand, be it surface laser, Endo laser or Sclerotherapy or Multiple microphlebectomies (actual removal of the unwanted veins through few needle holes with simple local anesthesia).

The best method of treatment for these reticular veins is left to the judgment of the VeinCure specialist Surgeon who will explain the pros and cons of each method and its rate of success and any untoward side effects it may have.

Sclerotherapy (particularly Foam Sclerotherapy) is very effective in eliminating Reticular veins, but it needs at least one week of post treatment compression bandage and it has 15% occurrence of PIPs (post Inflammatory pigmentations , these are brownish discoloration of the skin tracing the treated veins that occur in prone individuals and cannot be predicted by the physician, luckily most of them are temporary and they disappear in few months , we may prescribe some creams to prevent them or make them go away faster when they happen).

Microphlebectomy is a very effective also for some reticular veins, it assures complete removal of the unwanted vein but it leaves needle holes marks for few months (most of them become invisible after 6 months).

Endo laser and surface laser as described somewhere else in our website are sometimes the best and simplest option, it all depends on the vein size, location, and the experience of the specialist.

At the end of the day, treatment of unwanted greenish reticular veins is possible, effective, mostly painless but it requires a proper exam of the venous system and a sound judgment of the veins specialist.

Hand Veins

Prominent veins on the dorsum of the hand can be quiet unsightly and often give away your age even if the rest of your body and face still look good, some are caused by excessive manual work but most are hereditary in nature or secondary to premature loss of fat pad under the skin of the hand.

Regardless of their cause, we have the treatment that can safely eliminate them or at least minimize their size and appearance using a combination of Endolaser, surface laser and Foam sclerotherapy.

This is an “in office” treatment, with no special preparation needed but it requires the application of hand bandage for 2-3 days.

At our JLT branch, we can combinethe prominent veins treatment with long lasting Filler injection and pigmentations laser removal for complete hands rejuvenation.

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