Permanent Hair Removal

The Laser Hair Removal done at VeinCure Clinic is almost unrivaled by any other cosmetic center in the Gulf region, we do LHR for all types of hair , all types of skin and all areas of the body. Our expertise is in the hard to remove hair ( like thin facial hair, light colored hair, resitant Bikini and Full Bikini hair. etc ) made VeinCure is a refferal center and we get cases even from other cosmetic centers and Endocrinologists across the region.

VeinCure Clinic offers the safest, fastest and most painless laser system in the world for Permanent Hair Removal which has unique special modes for thick and thin hair that allow us to perform Permanent Laser Hair Removal on every area of the body from the face to the toes and every thing in between.

The main reason behind our success in laser hair removal is our in depth scientific search for the best laser systems, techniques, type of laser wave used and parameters – regardless of the cost of such system – to achieve a hairless skin in an effective, safe and painless method.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Dubai ( LHR ) done at VeinCure is safe, fast and extremely effective on all types of skin. We do hair removal for both men and women and on all parts of the body you can think of, from full back and legs to bikini to Brazilian bikini to super Brazilian Bikini to full face, eyebrows and beard definition for men etc.

The number of treatments required for complete and permanent results differ from patient to patient and from one body area to another, but 3 sessions is a good rough average (using this newest laser system which has cut the number of treatments needed in half), they are usually spaced few weeks apart, there is no down time and all patients are able to return immediately to their normal daily activities.

You can simply call our clinic and schedule a LHR (Laser Hair Removal) session of the area of your choosing, our charges are very reasonable and will be clearly explained to you at time of booking. The Doctor will always set up the appropriate parameters for your skin type, hair color and thickness and location and perform a spot test when appropriate for you to see the immediate results, then the full treatment of the area(s) of your choosing will be completed by the laser specialist. A dedicated Female Laser specialist will perform all Female Laser Hair removals in a discrete comfortable section of our facility.

It is best that the hair is shaved 1 day prior to your appointment. As to the eyebrows LHR, it is best that you have them designed/waxed at the beauty salon 2 weeks prior to your appointment. And as to men’s beard, it is best shaved well on the same day in the preferred design.

At VeinCure we offer our patients one of the best laser system in the world for Permanent Hair Removal. Our technique offers:

  • Fastest possible procedures using the computer area scanner.
  • Almost complete coverage in the least number of treatment visits.
  • Minimal discomfort or no pain at all.
  • We have SOPRANO (King of Laser Hair removal systems).
  • Unmatched results even on thin and lightly colored hair.
  • Safe for ALL skin types from fair to black.
  • All treatment are directly performed by the doctor or under his close supervision.
  • A female therapist is assigned to female patients.

We offer the most detailed and artistic Permanent Laser Hair Removal of even the hard to do skin areas including Eyebrows, Men’s beard definition, Neck, Chest, Ears, Upper lip,private parts and many other areas.

Laser Hair Removal has the added benefit of treating and preventing ingrown hairs, acne inflammation and sweat glands infections. For patients sensitive to pain we have the world first and only painless Laser Hair Removal system, the SOPRANO XLi, which is arguably the king of all Laser Hair removal systems for its amazing effectiveness and offers minimal pain, short time of application.

While Laser Hair Removal is done at many venues from cosmetic clinics to hair salons, we feel that specialized medical clinic supervised by Specialist Laser Surgeon is the safest and most effective place to have this service performed.

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